One of the best and easiest way to group your Vimeo videos and import them into your WordPress website is by using Vimeo showcases (previously called albums). You can get to your showcases menu from any Vimeo page after you log in by opening the menu next to the Upload button.

Vimeo showcases menu

How to get Vimeo showcase ID

To import a showcase (same applies for what was previously called “album“) you will need your user ID and the showcase ID.
Getting the showcase ID can be done in 2 ways: either by directly clicking the showcase name from the menu or by clicking the showcase name from your Vimeo account page.

Vimeo showcase settings

Once on showcase settings page, you can get the showcase ID from the link into the address bar.

Vimeo showcase get id

How to get your Vimeo username

Next, to get your user ID you must visit your Vimeo profile page which can be accessed from the same menu as the showcases.

Vimeo user profile page

From your profile page you will need to go to your profile settings page.

Vimeo user profile settings

Into the settings page, your profile ID can be found at the top left section, next to your profile image.

Vimeo get user profile id

Having both user ID and showcase ID, we can now use Vimeotheque to query our album and import the videos as WordPress video posts.

Vimeotheque Vimeo showcase / album import