Users that registered with PayPal on CodeFlavors don’t need to link their account with their PayPal account.

By linking your CodeFlavors account to your PayPal account you will be able to login using the PayPal login feature on CodeFlavors.

The only data shared between CodeFlavors and PayPal are some of your personal details:

– PayPal e-mail address (the e-mail address set as primary on PayPal)
– Your name
– Your address

No financial data is exchanged with CodeFlavors nor any extra charges will be applied to your PayPal account.

To link your CodeFlavors account to your PayPal account just visit your CodeFlavors account, choose Personal Details from the right menu and click tab Link PayPal account on the left.
You will notice a button saying Link PayPal Account; after you click it, you will be taken to PayPal website and asked to login and share information with CodeFlavors.
After performing all necessary steps with PayPal you will be taken back to your CodeFlavors account.
If linked successfully, you will be able to login on CodeFlavors using the new PayPal login feature in addition to the regular user/password login on CodeFlavors.

You can unlink your PayPal account from your CodeFlavors account at any time, just visit your CodeFlavors Account page and change the setting from your Personal details page on tab Link PayPal account.