Below are the general video embedding settings that all posts resulting from Vimeo video imports will have by default.
These settings apply only for the custom post type and for regular posts if option to import as post is on. They will not apply to videos imported as compatible WordPress theme posts since those video embeds are managed by your theme.

Vimeo video post embed options

Player size and position

Options that control how the player will be embedded into the post content and what size should it have.

Player size

Allows customization of player size based on aspect ratio and width; height is automatically calculated by the plugin. Possible aspect ratio options are: 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1

Allow videos to override player size

Since not all videos on Vimeo have the same aspect ratio, when this option is enabled, it will disregard the aspect ratio entered under Player size and will use the video aspect ratio retrieved from Vimeo (if any). This allows embedding of videos without concerning that the aspect ratio doesn’t fit them. This option will work only for videos imported by plugin version 1.3 and above.

Display video

This option controls where the video will be embedded into the post content. Possible values are: below content or above content.

Embed settings

Options that control video embedding; please note that some Vimeo users can override these options when they publish their videos.


Video playback volume; an integer between 0 (mute) and 100 (maximum volume).

Show video title

When enabled, the video player will display the title of the video.

Show video uploader

When enabled, the player will display the name of the video owner.

Show video uploader image

When enabled, the player will display the video owner avatar.


When enabled, the video will start playing when viewed and page has loaded (exception makes iPad/iPhone that disable autoplay).

Allow fullscreen

When checked, the player will be able to show fullscreen (will display the fullscreen button).

Player color

Color of player controls (hexadecimal color code).