Use filter cvm_import_post_type to instruct the plugin to import Vimeo videos as any registered post type. This will force all videos to be imported as the post type passed by the filter.

By default, the plugin will import videos as either post type post or post type vimeo-video. If you would like to import videos as any other registered post type (ie. you have a portfolio post type and want to import videos in it), this filter will allow you to do this.


(string)(required) A registered post type name (ie. portfolio)



By default the plugin imports videos into the following post types: post (regular WP posts), vimeo-video (the post type implemented by the plugin) or your theme video post type (if theme compatibility code is entered).

If, for example, you would want to import videos as post type portfolio (implemented by a third-party plugin) you will have to use this filter.

function cvm_change_import_post_type(){
    return 'portfolio';
add_filter( 'cvm_import_post_type', 'cvm_change_import_post_type' );