See how WordPress Vimeo plugin Vimeotheque can help you improve the way you manage Vimeo videos in WordPress.

Bring your Vimeo videos to WordPress. The easy way.
WordPress plugin - Vimeotheque Features

Whether you are a Vimeo publisher or just have a passion for video, if you want to create your own WordPress video blog, Vimeotheque is the plugin that can help you do that.

Import Vimeo videos as WordPress posts that are manageable and highly customizable.

Any Vimeo source: If it’s on Vimeo it can be used! Import videos and create WordPress posts automatically from any Vimeo channel, album, user, category, group or search. Even from Vimeo On Demand!

Single video import: Need to create a WordPress posts from a Vimeo video quickly? Easy! Just fill the video ID and you’re done. A brand new post will be created for you with all fields filled automatically.
Yes, featured image included!

Bulk imports:  Need to import multiple videos at once and create WordPress posts from them? No problem! you can either import manually by selecting which videos to import or do it automatically. You know, set it and forget it 🙂 The plugin will do its magic and you will be able to concentrate on things that really matter.

Customize the import process: Set your general import settings to make it easier to run imports. Determine what to import: title, content, featured image or tags and set the post status for new videos in order to be able to customize the posts before going live.

Do things your own way. Optionally.
WordPress plugin - Vimeotheque Features

We created some great defaults but you might want to determine how everything is managed and imported. By giving you plenty of options, Vimeotheque allows you to customize every aspect, from importing to embedding.

Content options: Choose between importing different information about your videos, from title and content all the way to tags and images.

Import options: Set how new posts are created and decide what to do with Vimeo videos that are private. Determine the automatic import frequency and post status for newly imported videos.

Embed options:  From video player size to responsive settings or the information displayed into the player, make your embeds look the same all over your website.

Private videos embedding: Set Vimeo credentials to enable embedding of your videos by allowing access for the plugin to your private Vimeo videos.

WordPress theme integration
WordPress plugin - Vimeotheque Features

The plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. More than this, it is compatible with several WordPress themes out of the box and can be extended to support any theme that has video embedding capabilities.

Theme compatibility: If you own a video enabled theme and would like to import videos as posts compatible with your theme, this can be done easily by using the compatibility API implemented into the plugin.

Theme customization:  For themes that don’t have video embedding features the plugin can be customized to embed videos into your theme templates (requires some coding skills).

Vimeotheque – turn WordPress into a video blog.