Build the perfect video site

Easily manage and coordinate your Vimeo folders, channels, showcases or videos with your WordPress website. Perfect fit for membership, portfolio, online courses or any type of video collection.

Bring your Vimeo videos to WordPress

Add video content to WordPress using a process that creates video posts automatically. 

Get video posts created with full details, including featured image, tags, categories and video embed.

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Compatible with Elementor

Create an amazing visual experience for your users with Elementor video templates and the custom Elementor widgets added by Vimeotheque.

User inspired add-ons

Inspired by the needs of our users, the Vimeotheque add-ons are designed to help you be more productive and get things done faster and easier! 

Whether you want to make Vimeotheque compatible with your WordPress theme or need an integration with a membership plugin, there’s an add-on that can help you along the way.

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Trusted by Agencies & Filmmakers

From membership website owners, filmmakers, developers, churches, yoga trainers or videographers, everybody finds Vimeotheque useful for quick deployment of a video website.

More features

Private Vimeo videos

With Vimeotheque you can query and import all your private videos from Vimeo and create video posts that can be used in membership plugins or portfolios.

Block & Classic Editor Support

Vimeotheque offers support for the new Block Editor by providing customizable blocks for video playlists and single video embeds and also for the Classic Editor by providing a visual interface for the playlist and video embed shortcode.

Third-party compatibility​

Compatible by default with various WordPress video themes, Vimeotheque can be extended and customized to be compatible with any theme.

Private Vimeo sources

Vimeotheque can import videos from private Vimeo sources like folders, private showcases or projects.

Highly customizable embeds​

The video embeds in Vimeotheque can be customized to fit the exact needs of your project by offering lazy loading, player color customization, replacement of the featured image and more.

Help & Support

The Vimeotheque knowledgebase is expanded and improved constantly to help you achieve your goals and reach your project’s requirements. Add the friendly and efficient priority support to that and you’ll have your project ready in time.

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