Premium WordPress video plugin Vimeotheque PRO has been updated to version 2.0.10. See what’s new in this version!

Video playlist theme “Wall” thumbnail size

This update allows the customization of the thumbnail images for theme Wall to either display all thumbnails having the same size (which might display thumbnails having black bars) or to display the video thumbnails having the original size ratio that was uploaded to Vimeo, in which case thumbnails might have different sizes, according to their respective videos.

To enable this functionality you must also update Vimeotheque to version 2.0.15 which is available in the WordPress repository.

Vimeotheque theme Wall thumbanil size option

Vimeotheque PRO 2.0.10 changelog

  • Created a new option in Block Editor for playlist theme Wall to display video thumbnails using the original size ratio (thumbnails in list might have different size) or have them displayed with the same size (thumbnails in list might have black bars);
  • Created a new option in Classic Editor shortcode visual interface for theme Wall to display video thumbnails size ratio in original size or the same size for all thumbnails;
  • Updated display of playlist theme Wall to use the new setting for thumbnails size ratio.