Great news! Our new Vimeotheque Documentation website is now live and ready for you!

We decided to create a dedicated documentation website for Vimeotheque so that we can answer all your questions and give all information you need in a clear and concise way.

We’re constantly improving the documentation so if you find something missing or would like to know something, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is currently covered in documentation?

How to get started with Vimeotheque?

The Getting started section in documentation covers all installation and initial setup information, from how to upgrade to Vimeotheque PRO 2 without experiencing any issues to how to set up your Vimeo App so that you can query your private Vimeo videos.

The Vimeotheque plugin options

We gave clear descriptions and instruction on how to use the options in Vimeotheque to get up and running your Vimeo video imports as fast as possible.

Block editor Vimeotheque blocks

Vimeotheque 2 introduces block editor support and we covered the usage of the blocks implemented in Vimeotheque under the Block editor section. Currently, the available blocks are video position, single video embed and the playlist embed block.

The Vimeo video importers available in Vimeotheque

Vimeotheque offers 3 ways of importing videos in WordPress posts: a single video importer, the manual bulk importer and the automatic importer. The importers can be configured and set up to import only the desired information from Vimeo for each video post; all this is covered under the Video import section in Vimeotheque’s documentation.

How to debug imports

Form time to time something can go wrong: a certain Vimeo folder can’t be imported, some videos get skipped from importing, and so on. In 99.9% of cases, this is not a Vimeotheque bug but a privacy setup that prevents Vimeotheque from doing the imports. Since imports happen in background, one important aspect in Vimeotheque has always been debugging “problematic” imports.

To help with this, Vimeotheque 2 introduces the Debug add-on and the Status page, which are both valuable debugging tools when a situation requires them.

Vimeotheque PRO pricing, licensing and other account questions

To answer all questions regarding Vimeotheque PRO, we created a section called Pricing and Licenses that covers various subjects of interest that we stumbled upon during the time.

We truly hope that the new documentation website will prove a valuable asset for you while using Vimeotheque for WordPress. As usual, you’re welcome to contact us and ask for additional information if something is missing of is unclear.