Vimeotheque plugin update to version 2

A lot of changes happened during the last couple of months! We renamed the plugin to Vimeotheque and we developed and released version 2 for the plugin. The most notable change that comes with version 2 is the fact that Vimeotheque PRO 2 works as add-on for the free version of Vimeotheque.

What else is new in Vimeotheque?

Add-ons system to extend Vimeotheque

We implemented an add-ons system that will help you install various utilities which are available in 2 flavors: free add-ons, available for everyone and PRO add-ons which are available only for PRO members.

With the add-ons system we want to create a modular environment in which you install what you need, when you need it so that your system doesn’t become bloated with functionality you don’t use. For example, the Debug add-on is an utility that you might need in case some of your video imports fail but in most cases it is not needed.

Block editor support

Times are changing and the block editor offers a new editing experience which more and more users are embracing. We developed various blocks that will help you have a better editing experience when you customize your video posts; for example, the newly introduced Video Position block, each video post can now be edited and the video embed can be moved anywhere into the post content as opposed to the traditional way of having the embed above or below the post content.

Classic editor support

For those that do not fancy the Block Editor, we implemented compatibility with the Classic Editor plugin and kept all shortcodes and previous functionality.

An improved automatic import process

We modified the automatic import structure by editing and implementing new functionality in our code that offers a more reliable import process when running automatic imports. The next step we’ll take will be to improve the visual interface for managing automatic imports so that the whole process is more intuitive and easier to manage. Stay tuned!

Improved single video import process

The process of importing single videos is now fully JavaScript managed and consists of several steps that allow you to see exactly which video you are importing. A more in depth presentation can be found in our documentation for single video imports.

These are some of the things we changed in Vimeotheque 2, with a lot more to follow! If you’re interested in a Vimeo video importer, you can give Vimeotheque a try and see if you like it.