We’re happy to announce that we released a new Vimeotheque PRO add-on called Vimeotheque PRO – Push to Vimeo. This add-on will allow you to push your local WordPress changes made to a video post to the attached video on Vimeo.

How to install Vimeotheque PRO – Push to Vimeo add-on

The add-on can be installed from Vimeotheque Add-ons page in your WordPress administration.

Vimeotheque Pro Push to Vimeo add-on installation

Please note that the add-on is available only for Vimeotheque PRO and you must have an active license key installed on your website.

Initial setup for Vimeotheque PRO – Push to Vimeo add-on

After installation and successful activation it’s time for a quick set up to grant edit access for the plugin to your Vimeo videos. Head to Vimeotheque Settings page and grant plugin access under “API & License”.

Vimeotheque PRO add-on Push to Vimeo grant plugin access

Edit your videos and push the changes to Vimeo

Once everything is set up, whenever you edit one of the video posts that has one of your Vimeo videos attached to it, you will have the option to push the changes to Vimeo.

Vimeotheque PRO - push to Vimeo post edit screen

Please note that changes can be pushed only on videos that belong to the account that gave access under the second step.